“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.

It will never fail you.”

–Frank Lloyd Wright

Healthy Beautiful Plants: Guaranteed

Keeping our client’s plants healthy and beautiful is our passion. Our Plant Care Service guarantees every plant. If a plant is no longer healthy and attractive, we replace it- at NO cost to you. We believe in biophilia – our ability to help connect humans to nature. Our horticulturists are experts, whose experience, continuing education and dedication provide exquisite interiors and consistent results.

A beautiful, trouble-free interior plant installation is a journey that begins at the nursery and ends with a client’s enjoyment and satisfaction. We ensure the success of the interiorscape with a multi-stage delivery and installation process. Our foliage is acclimated in the best nursery’s shade houses and preconditioned at our facility. They are meticulously cleaned, skillfully pruned and inspected before they leave our production site. Whether it’s a sub-irrigated garden atrium or a strategically placed specimen plant, our professional installers do it right the first time. We respect our client’s surroundings and we use time tested techniques for moving plants safely and then perfectly engineer them into their planters. Remember “The Building Isn’t Green Until the Plants Arrive”


  • Pruning and Shaping
  • Cleaning and Watering
  • Pest control
  • Fertilization
  • Special care projects
  • Guaranteed plant replacement


  • Rotated seasonal blooming plants
  • Container rotation
  • Orchid rotation
  • Plant/Flower maintenance


  • We offer purchase or long term rental options with 100% guarantee
  • Creative financing and terms are available to suit the individual needs of the client