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Exterior Landscaping

Exterior landscaping. Customized urban landscapes. Cleveland Ohio

“The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.” – Hanna Rion

Imagine the impact of a custom designed exterior program that makes a statement of community and environmental consciousness. Plantscaping specializes in upscale containerized exterior displays. We utilize the proper varieties that look artistic and colorful all season long. Our customized urban landscapes can be seen all around downtown Cleveland – in front of office buildings, hotels, and shopping centers. When there is a commitment to keeping healthy, attractive plants that represent a season, Plantscaping is the company to consider.

Plantscaping specializes in upscale containerized exterior plantings. The approach is similar to what we do with our interior landscaping by utilizing the proper varieties and decorative containers to create the desired look.

  • Plantings that provide a burst of color
  • Decorative planters or bed plantings
  • Guaranteed maintenance – watering, pruning, fertilization
  • Year round programs including fall and winter
  • Each client’s mix and assortment is unique and special, no design duplications!

Plantscaping is pleased to offer custom design and installation of containerized plantings. We create spring, summer and fall displays in urban settings with style and pizzazz. The impactful solutions we create welcome visitors and employees to your property.

Exterior Awards

  • 2008 Annual Environmental Improvement Awards, Distinction Award, Urban Landscapes, Exterior

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