Interior/Exterior Landscape

Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul. – Linda Solegato

Since the beginning of time mankind has lived in harmony with plants and flowers. There is something to be said for how these living organisms can engender such happiness and contentment in humans. Plants and flowers help promote balance and tranquility in our lives. Before it was hip to be green or LEED certified, our company was greening spaces all around town with organic horticulture that brought the outdoors inside. We welcome the opportunity to make your environment greener, healthier and more sustainable. Contact us.

At Plantscaping and Blooms we are passionate about what we do. After all, what we do for “work” makes people “feel good”, plain and simple. The green plants and colorful flowers we plant inside give vibrant life to the cold hard surfaces of our work places and businesses. In some way, shape or form, our products and designs may have inspired you directly – putting a smile on your face, or subconsciously generating a sense of well-being.

Interior Awards

Plantscaping has won numerous Grand Awards from PLANET for our creative and thoughtful interior designs.

  • 2010 National Award Winner, Best Project, Quadax, Interiorscape Magazine
  • 2009 PLANET (Professional Landcare Network) Environmental Improvement Grand
  • 2008 National Award Winner, Best Projects, Eaton Center, CB Richard Ellis, Interior Design/Installation, Interiorscape Magazine
  • 2006 National Grand Award Winner, Best Projects, 200 Public Square, Harbor Group, Interior redesign and installation, Interiorscape Magazine
  • 2008 Environmental Improvement Awards, Grand Award, Eaton Center, CB Richard Ellis, Design/Installation
  • 29th Annual Environmental Improvement Awards, Merit Award, Design and Installation, Westgate Mall.

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