Design Team

Our design team provides thoughtful, innovative solutions for your space. Whether it is a garden filled with unusual botanicals and blooming flowers, or foliage plants in one of our many decorative containers, our professional team will devise a plan just for you and your space.

Plantscaping and Blooms

Creating a successful interior landscape in an office space, lobby or hotel is dependent on selecting the correct materials that enhance that space. Our design team leaders consist of Arne Klein, Kenny Metheney, Scott Robertson, Heather Englander, Todd Silverman, and Nancy Silverman, each one being passionate and committed to the creative process. Listening to every client, and understanding their vision enables us to transform spaces into lush living environments that continue to flourish and thrive.

Nancy Silverman
President of Plantscaping

Nancy has been creating interior landscapes for 31 years. Large Atrium gardens, office lobby installations, corporate buildings and residences have each been greeted with enthusiasm and excitement year after year. Nancy’s interest is the creation of a total and sustainable environment. Unusual specimen foliage plants, stylish containers, unique and seasonal gardens, and the addition of orchids and live floral displays are all elements that she integrates into a sitescape. For national Hotel brands, Nancy enjoys collaborating with designers to produce the right focal piece for rooms and public spaces.

Todd Silverman
CLP, Vice President of Plantscaping

Todd has been with the company 15 years, and also grew up working in the family business. Todd understands all phases of design, from working with architects and interior designer’s initial ideas and blueprints to final and appropriate foliage and container selection. Todd’s vision and passion for long term relationships with each client produces positive, lasting customer satisfaction. Updating projects and renewing outdated interior landscape appearance is at the heart of Todd’s philosophy. He takes great pride in providing practical results with cost effective design. Todd holds the industry recognition as a Certified Landscape Professional (CLP).

Arne Klein
Vice President of Blooms, the Floral Design and Event Division of Plantscaping

Arne has been with Plantscaping for over 20 years. Arne is known for his modern arrangements and artistic palette as well as his themes ranging from funky and whimsical to traditional and elegant. Every gala, wedding, party or intimate dinner has drawn accolades from the patrons and guests and Arne makes each event unique to the taste of the client and their chosen venue. Arne collaborates with his group of talented floral and display people to produce remarkable and memorable events for individuals, weddings, Charitable Foundations, the Ritz Carlton, Renaissance and Marriott Hotels.

Kenny Metheney
Blooms Floral Designer

Kenny is known for his unusual use of ordinary flowers that make a most extraordinary statement. Creative development and presentations in large glass vessels or one exotic bloom carefully constructed in an elegant vase are Kenny’s forte. Kenny’s many talents include home decor and silk floral design.

Blooms Floral Designer

Kim has over 20 years of experience in the floral industry. She specializes in artistic, cutting edge design with a focus towards unique, creative and modern styles. She is often the driving force behind our team, motivating us to work hard and accomplish our goals.

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