Storage & Financing Options


Plantscaping is pleased to offer safe and secure housing for all of your holiday materials. We will dismantle them at the end of the season, cover them and keep them organized during the off season in our 18,000 square foot warehouse. This space is completely dedicated to making certain your holiday decor remains fresh, clean, and ready for the next season. The cost for storage is included in your lease pricing.

Financing Options

Plantscaping offers a purchase or lease option to suit your holiday needs. We do recommend the lease option as it guarantees the replacement and refurbishment of lights, ornamentation, ribbon, etc. from year to year. This option also includes replacing the actual tree, wreath, or garland as necessary at no additional charge to the client. We are able to store leased products in our 18,000 sqare foot dedicated holiday warehouse. Either scenario will provide for the delivery, installation and dismantle of the holiday decorations. Please contact us directly if you wish to discuss creative financing options to make your holiday vision become a reality! We are happy to develop a custom solution that will deliver the value you want in terms that meet your budget.

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